Easy way enter to DV Visa Lottery with Green Card Organization

Want a green card? Do you wish to settle in the USA permanently and make a great life here? Do you want to be with your family and stay close to them in the United States of America? If you have nodded yes to the above questions, the odds are high that you may be looking for the best ways by which you can get the green card.

As many as 55,000 people are issued green card every year with the help of a DV lottery which is held by the state. However, not everyone manages to get it. Those who do not get the green card and don’t have their work permit issued may have to immediately move back to their home country and leave their job or family behind.

In the post Trump era, the rules for visa and work permit have got even stricter which means that you really need to understand the nuances well regarding how you can enter the DV lottery and further your chances of getting the green card.

So, before green card organization venturing into further details, let us dive into some important specifics.


What is a green card?

A green card is basically the best way which gives you an entry into the United States of America. It is like a visa which gives you access to stay in the USA for an indefinite period of time. Most people who manage to get the green card will be eligible to get US citizenship in three to five years of time.

Having a green card gives you several privileges and benefits and you can get acquainted with the same details to pass an idea as to why you too would like to have one.


Why do you need a green card?

green card organizationNow that you are familiar with what a green card is, the next possible question may be why you need one.

Easy to work in the USA

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that those who have a green card will be able to work freely in the USA. Other people who are working on a work permit need to bother about whether or not their work permit will be granted. If it isn’t granted access, they may have to move back to their nation. So, if you do not want to be worried constantly about the fate of your career and what the future holds for you, opting for green card looks to be a smart choice.

Free from constant worries

When you manage to get the green card, it will bring an end to a lot of regular tension and worries. There are so many of us who live in constant fear of what would come next. The fact that your future is uncertain and you do not know if your access to staying in the country will be revoked could be nerve-wracking for too many. So, the smarter thing to do is to get a green card and bid goodbye to all such worries and live a tension free life.

Privileges and more

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that when you get a green card, you will get a lot of rights, duties, and privileges along with it too. So, you will be able to enjoy a new set of rights and this might do you a world of good.

So, no matter whether you are choosing to get a green card for the employment category or the family one or anything else; managing to get one is a massive decision in the life of people and brings in the much-needed relief.


The green card process

Now let us talk a little more about the whole process of getting the green card. You need to be familiar with the process before you can choose to enter the DV lottery.

The eligibility check

The very first step is to go through the eligibility criteria and see if you manage to check the boxes. The visas are offered in several different categories and almost every category has sub-categories in it.

If the information is too much to assimilate and looks confusing, the smarter thing to do is to seek the help of green card organization as this will allow you to know the right information. A lot of people who get too confused with the details and want someone who could simplify the whole process and make it quick, end up choosing green card organization. There are several experts in their panel who are thoroughly acquainted and familiar with the details. As they are aware of these specifics, it gets easier for them to guide you through the whole process, sans hassles.

The document check

Once you have checked the eligibility criteria and know that you fulfill it, you will now need to see the documents which are required for submitting your application. This too is a very important step and you need to be sure that you are following the details methodically and meticulously.

Once again, feel free to seek the help of a green card organization if you are not sure about the documents. The last thing you want is to realize that your application was rejected because you failed to submit the right set of documents. There is absolutely no scope and margin of negligence and having a professional assist you in all the steps would infer that it would eliminate the chances of error.

The form filling

When you have also worked on the documents needed, the next phase comes down to the filling and submission of forms. There are plenty of details and particulars which need to be duly filled and any kind of factual inaccuracy can turn out to be detrimental for you.

This is the reason, you need to be sure that you are following the details and seeking expert help. The expert panelists at green card organization are aware of the ins and outs of the green card form and thereby they would give you the right assistance regarding the best ways to fill it duly.

The state department of the US government doesn’t permit any such application which has any error whatsoever.

The DV lottery

green card organizationThe DV lottery or the ‘diversity visa’ lottery is the final phase wherein a computer randomly selects people who are then awarded the green card. Of course, the state has divided the number of cards to be allotted on the basis of several factors. There are rules for the green cards that could be allotted to different countries. Ideally, countries with a lower number of immigrants to the USA are often given higher priority because the focus of the country is to infuse massive diversity in their nation and make it rich with cultural and other diversity as well. This is why this lottery is also known as the Diversity Visa lottery.

There are also several categories which divide the visa process. People can choose to file for the family preference category if they have their spouse in the USA who happens to be a permanent resident. Similarly, there are several other clauses too and it is upon the applicant or the green card organization s/he chooses, to check the details out.

The employment category has several sub-divisions and you need to be mindful of the details and choose the right one accurately. Do not try to hoodwink the government as this is the last ploy you want to use. It can have very serious repercussions.

Follow through

When you have entered your application for the DV lottery phase, all you need to do is to wait for the results to be declared. Mostly, the results are declared in the month of May. If you fail to make the cut, you can repeat the whole process next year and be hopeful that you will eventually get the green card.

So, this is the whole process of getting the green card and choosing to seek the help of a green card organization could be a massive boon.


Simplifying the steps

The steps may seem simple when mentioned the way above, but sometimes it gets too big a hassle to handle. The fact that most people have other things on their plate too means that tackling the details of the lottery and waiting for it in itself could be a nerve-wracking task.

So, if you really wish you could focus on the work at hand and want to get someone to simplify the task for you, it is the green card organization which can come to your help.


What do you mean by green card organization?

green card organizationA green card organization is mainly the organization which comprises of several members that are thoroughly proficient when it comes to the laws of immigration and the visa lottery process.

They always keep their eyes glued on the latest news and the updates in this field. They have worked with several people and helped them get their green card. The main aim is to ensure that they can make the whole process of obtaining a green card much simpler and easier for them.

Here is how they manage to make things easy, fast, and remarkably quick.

The background check

The experts at green card organization will make it a point to run all the background check for you. They will take care of all the eligibility requirements and explain only that which pertains to you. Further, when doing this, they will also familiarize you with any kind of details pertaining to the green card that is of importance to you.

Checking your documents

They will take care of the documents which are needed for the visa process. They will give you a consolidated and simple list of documents needed and it would be their role to check that everything has been duly submitted and the right specific order, if any, is followed,

Form filling

Filling the form could be a herculean task too. The experts would take a due care to make sure that you are filling in the particulars accurately and their help could cut down the whole time which would otherwise be spent on these forms.

Error proofing

When you have an expert guiding you with the application, they will always make sure to have final proofing. It is important to look out for the errors which might have otherwise slipped off your mind. There is often a separate team whose work is to simply take a hard look at the application and remove any wanted errors. This too is a very important step because there are so many applications which fail to reach the lottery phase simply because the applicant was reckless with entering the details.

Follow up

Further, it is the green card organization which will make sure to keep you updated about the progress and they will do the follow up until the results are declared. Remember, it is important to note that the green card organization cannot by any means ensure that you will get the green card simply because the results are randomly generated via lottery. However, it is upon them to boost your chance significantly by making sure that your name reaches that stage.

In the unfortunate event that you fail to get a green card, you need to be patient and wait for the next year because the stakes are so high that you should never give up hope and keep trying.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that choosing the services of green card organization seems like a good decision to take. It is especially great for those who are already too busy with several other things to take care of. When they are willing to lean on experts, it can simplify the tasks and at the same time, boost their chances of getting a green card.

Living in the United States of America would be so much simpler once you manage to have a green card. Of course, you can then be hopeful of soon getting the permanent citizenship of this country that is always brimming with too many dreams!