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Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Success are Core Principals Driving the Mission of the Green Card Organization of the United States of America


The Green Card Organization is a reputable institution that provides a service for individuals who have a desire to immigrate by implementing a wide variety of services from basic to the most complex. The Green Card Organization can ensure error-free applications by assisting any individual who requires additional aid to simplify the process and guarantee a complete and accurate submission. Plenty of legal procedures are made easier, and by working with the Green Card Organization, their specialized services can fit the need of any client. The Green Card Organization provides expertise on the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program. This program can be difficult to complete without error, as over 40% of applicants that are self-handled are disqualified due to inaccurate information. This lottery allows only one submission per year, and the Green Card Organization believes their assistance will guarantee qualification and the possibility of obtaining a Green card.


“For everyone the process of receiving a Green card is different, however when that amazing moment comes that you will receive confirmation, we will be here to help. Time is of the essence when it comes to the process of a successful Green card applicant, it is important to go through the immigration process according to the timeline and correctly. Delays in the process can result in termination. Here at our organization, we will make sure that everything happens quickly and correctly for you. Our team of immigration experts will keep everything on track and assist you with all the necessary procedures. We provide personalized services and will make sure that no opportunity is missed to help each and every one of our clients achieve their goal. Your success is our success!”


The Green Card Organization website provides important immigration information, such as different ways to obtain a Green card. The Green Card Organization explains that one of the most common ways to receive a Green card is through the sponsorship of a family member. The family member must be a U.S. citizen, or a Green card holder themselves. Additional details describe instances on who is permitted to apply for a Green card so the client is able to make certain they are eligible. Another way the Green Card Organization explains how to obtain a Green card is through a job, meaning their professional background and/or business dealings. An employer can petition for an employee to get a Green card, but they first must obtain a labor certification and file Form I-140, known as the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. Other individuals who deal in American Investments may apply for the Green card if they have sizeable assets in the United States. Any individual can self-petition and apply for a Green card without a labor certification as long as they are able to prove that they considerably contribute to the American workforce. The Green Card Organization provides a list of special jobs regarding professionals who are permitted to apply for a Green card with Form I-360, known as the Petition of Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.


Users of the Green Card Organization website can also learn how to obtain a Green card through their refugee or asylum status. How to obtain a Green card through different types of lottery opportunities is also touched on. The Green Card Organization illustrates the workings of the DV lottery, as well as the lottery sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the Green Card Organization. The Green Card Organization offers a free eligibility check to determine if clients qualify for the U.S. Green Card lottery. The website requires some basic information in order to check eligibility. The client must list their birth country, marital status, proficiency level of the English language if the client has been to the U.S and monthly income in USD.


“Perhaps you’ve been thinking up your American Dream for years, or maybe you’ve only recently learned about the myriad opportunities that the green card can possibly provide for you. Obtaining a green card is a complex process that involves much foresight, proper planning, and above all, patience.”


The blog portion of the website has provided practical and relevant information to the clients using it since 2016. Plenty of topics are discussed, making it simple for any individual to find what they need regarding the Green card process, the Immigration process, and everything in between. Some helpful articles cover topics such as: What is a Green Card, Citizenship after Green Card, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Rules, How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card, U.S. Permanent Resident Card, and When Can I Apply for Citizenship.


The website features two eBooks any individual interested in doing more research on the process can gain access to. The first, “Obtaining a Green Card: The Consular Procedure” comes in three parts and is imperative in helping clients understand the four steps of immigration, beginning with the preliminary procedures covering: eligibility, documentation, forms, and medical exams. Next, the interview, which clarifies what to expect, best responses to interview questions, and advice on a presentable appearance. The next portion, after the interview, covers the steps and procedures based on approval or denial. Entering the U.S. is the final step, which discusses how to prepare for immigration and what to expect at Border Patrol. The other eBook, “Acquiring Green Card Permanent” helps the client prepare for the citizenship application, and discusses any desired immigration subject and the expected process.


The Green Card Organization and their knowledgeable team will ensure a free eligibility test to quickly determine the qualification of lottery participation and an extensive application review and detail examination of personal data to guarantee participation. Their outstanding customer service and direct connection to representatives via email, live chat, and a phone can ensure successful application submission. The Green Card Organization is an effective service, helping countless individuals experience their dream of being a part of the United States of America.


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