how to enter green card lottery

How to Enter Green Card Lottery?
The process to apply for green card consists of four parts. This includes determining eligibility, assembling and submitting all the necessary documentation, receiving a notification of the results and obtaining the visa.


The Requirements And Process For Entering The Green Card Lottery

There is a one month period allotted for submitting the application. Mistakes can rarely be corrected and usually result in disqualification. The forms must be completed accurately and quickly.


Determining Eligibility


The requirements to get a green card, to begin with, the country. The eligible birth countries are determined by the State Department every year. The country must be eligible for the immigrant to participate in the lottery.


The immigrant must either be born in the country or have a spouse or parents born in the country. The parents must have been legal residents during the time of the applicant’s birth.


The work and educational requirements to enter the official USA green card lottery include the equivalent of high school education or two years of work experience within the last five years.


If either of these factors is not met the immigrant is ineligible. An immigrant will be disqualified from the lottery for any criminal activity.


Information About Green Card Lottery


The documentation must be assembled and submitted by the immigrant. It is important to note there are numerous scams. The Department of State does not charge a lottery fee or provide information through the postal service or email.


The years used for lottery reference can be confusing and must be clearly understood by the applicant. All necessary information for the application must be compiled. Once the immigrant has opened the form they have sixty minutes to fill it out completely.


US Green Card Rules


A recent photograph of the applicant and any children or spouse listed on the entry are mandatory. This does not include lawful residents and United States citizens. Digital camera photos can be scanned into the computer for submission.


The photographs must be validated on the lottery website. The application must be submitted through the online lottery website. All applicants will receive a confirmation number. This must be retained to check the results of the lottery in the future.

The Notification


When establishing how to enter green card lottery the future notification must be considered. The immigrant must check the website because the notification will not be sent. This will require the confirmation number.


There are instructions provided on the entrant status check the link. Those selected will receive this link by email with further instructions. The next step is an interview at a United States Consulate or Embassy.


The Application


It is important to apply quickly because only 510,000 green cards are available. The applications receive a ranking by the order received. If the number is too high the chances are good the green cards will run out before the number is reached.


If the immigrant is in the United States it may be wise to adjust the status. There are several answers regarding how to enter a green card lottery. This includes applying for United States citizenship. The children and spouse of the immigrant can be processed at the same time provided it is within the time limits.


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