How to prepare for the marriage green card interview with Greencardorganization tips

Gotten your application form all completed? The next and most important step would no doubt the interview stage. You would no doubt be a bit nervous about what to expect. Here at Greencardorganization, we are always looking for ways to help individuals prepare adequately for the marriage green card interview. Here are some tips on what to expect during the interview:

The Purpose

One thing you should always keep in mind is that the aim of holding an interview before approving the green card is to ensure that both parties are duly married to each other. This, most of the questions you can expect on that day would be centered towards your marriage. The interview process can be held in most places. This, you usually have the option of choosing the nearest location to you. Greencardorganization has well-trained professionals who would be delighted to help you choose the right location

What to expect

Since the main intention of the interview would be to confirm your marriage as real, therefore you can expect that questions would be based on that. This, questions about how you met should be expected. You should expect questions about your wedding. For example, it would be normal for them to ask how your wedding day was, the color of your suit and so much more. Want to have a complete understanding of how questions would be asked. There are professionals who would be delighted to help here at Greencardorganization. This, you would be thoroughly prepared before any interview takes place.

It is important to ensure that you stay in line with all the documents and certificates which you have submitted. This is important as any deviation would make you look less truthful during the interview. Greencardorganization is your go-to consultancy if you want to have a thorough understanding of the entire process. If you are also just starting out, you can be assured that Greencardorganization would be happy to help you file your green card forms in record time.

Greencardorganization is also filled with top consultants who have helped numerous people to achieve their dreams of getting a green card. We are always here with our client’s right to the last hurdle as we ensure success in all endeavors. Hence, you can be confident that we would be ready to work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve your dream of getting a green card.



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