Official USA Green Card Lottery

The Official USA Green Card Lottery
The Diversity Visa Lottery has become well known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery was created to provide immigrants from qualifying countries with a chance to obtain a green card. The lottery offers a wide range of diversity for applicants wanting to live in the United States.

The only immigrants qualified to apply are generally from countries underrepresented within the United States. The US green card rules must be met to submit an application. It makes sense for all qualified immigrants to apply.


The Details Of The Official USA Green Card Lottery

The green card lottery is a fairly simple was to qualify for a green card. The receipt of a green card enables the individual to permanently reside in the United States and receive all available benefits.


The Process to Apply for Green Card


Any immigrants not qualified to enter the lottery may still apply for a green card. Only a very small percentage of the immigrants applying for the lottery will be selected for a green card. The applicant must meet specific requirements to be eligible.


United States Immigration Through Family


The official USA green card lottery is open to immigrants with family living in the United States as permanent residents or United States citizens. If the family agrees to sponsor the immigrant the immigration process may be easier.


United States Immigration Through Employment


When an employer agrees to sponsor either an unskilled or skilled worker they may be eligible to immigrate to the United States. This type of sponsorship can provide permanent residency for the immigrant.


The green card website has a kit available called the Green Card through Employment Application. This kit has full details regarding immigrating to the United States to work. The kit can be downloaded at no charge from the green card website.


Requirements to Get a Green Card for Family and Children


Immigrants who have a family want to ensure they are able to bring their family to the United States with them at the time of immigration. There have been special provisions made by the government of the United States to make certain families are able to remain together during immigration. All the details are available on the website by downloading the kit called Green Card For Your Family.

official usa green card lottery

official USA green card lottery

This kit provides everything necessary for the immigrant to apply for a green card without leaving their family behind.


United States Immigration Through Marriage


If the immigrant is engaged or married to a United States citizen they may be eligible to receive a green card by marriage. This requires a specific application called the Green Card through Marriage Application. This application is available for download on the United States immigration website.


What Is The Official Green Card Lottery Website


All petitions to enter the official USA green card lottery must be submitted in an electronic format through one of the websites dedicated to the green card lottery. All required information is submitted through this site including any necessary digital photographs.


Regular photographs are accepted by mail if digital photographs are not available for the immigrant.


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