On Becoming A US Citizen Through Naturalization

A lot of persons would do anything to become a US citizen, which means there are a lot of persons vying for the slot. Therefore, it is of great importance that you do not make a mistake while filing any applications. To avoid commonly made mistakes, it is advisable to seek advice and help from a Green Card Application Firm.

The process for becoming a US citizen is as follows:


Get a green card

You must be a permanent resident in the United States before you can think of becoming a citizen. Currently, there are different means of getting a green card, and they are:

  • Being sponsored by a spouse, or relative living in the US
  • Obtaining a green card via a job
  • Obtain a green card as a refugee


Meet the Necessary Residential Requirements

Once you have gotten your green card, you must have stayed in the US for a period before you can think of becoming a citizen.


Have the Necessary Personal Requirements

Before you can think of becoming a US citizen, you must be 18 years or above.

The English language shouldn’t be a problem for you.

You shouldn’t have a run in with the law.


Have the Naturalization Application Submitted

The next line of action is to have the Form N-400 downloaded; then you fill out the form. This is the point, where a lot of persons make mistakes, and up not becoming a US citizen.


Give biometrics

You will be expected to have your picture, fingerprints, as well as signature, was taken. You will be notified when you should come for it. Whatever information collected is sent to the FBI to crosscheck your background.


Read for The Test

While you are at the interview, you will be asked questions concerning the Application you submitted, as well as your background. It is important to note that you will take a Civics and English test. Therefore, you need a USA Green Card Application Firm that can put you through what to expect in the interview.


Go for your interview

After the test, you will be told to attend an interview, and the date will be sent to you via a mail.

If you are fluent in the English language, you may not be requested to take a test.


Swear an Oath

After the interview and you are successful, you will swear an oath at a ceremony.


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