The Best Ways To Get a Green Card

A green card, which is formally known as a legal permanent resident card, is an important document to most people, especially to immigrants, as it is the key to becoming a citizen of the United States. Possessing a green card allows you to legally live and work in the United States, while on your way to becoming a U.S citizen. Furthermore, to acquire or get a hold of a green card is not something that’s too difficult, yet it is also not easy. The reason for this is due to the need and the weight attached to having a green card. So, to save time and to deviate from frustration, people often search for the best ways to get a green. However, as aforestated, getting a green card isn’t too difficult, yet too easy, when it comes to getting a U.S green card, the major issue you’ll often face is the amount of time it will take you. Hence, when people talk about the best ways to get a green card, they are often referring to the fastest ways in which one can become a permanent resident of the United States.

To this, as aforestated, a major issue with getting a green card is the time it will take you to actually get a hold of it. As the wait for many green card applicants can span as long as ten years or more, while for a few lucky people, the wait can span merely days or at least some months. It should be noted that what makes the difference here is basically which eligibility category you are in. To that extent, given below are the best ways to get a green card.

  • Family-Based Immigration: This method covers basically two ways of acquiring a green card. The first being through your family and the other being through an immediate relative. However, both methods involve the same process. With that being said, obtaining a green card through this method is the most popular and easiest method currently out there. If you’re a family member or an immediate relative to an American citizen or a green card holder, you can get a green card. This is because certain advantages come with being a U.S citizen or green card holder. In regards to the former, U.S citizens are allowed to petition for green cards for their children who below the age of 21, their spouses and their parents who are above 21 years of age. To petition for the green card, the U.S citizen simply needs to follow set rules and guidelines put in place by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS). The same process applies to a relative or family member who is a green card holder. However, it will somewhat take a lengthier amount of time.
  • Employment-Based immigration: This is another amazing way to get the U.S green card. Here, if you’ve obtained a job offer for permanent employment in the U.S, then that employer can petition for a green card for you. However, the employer must before carrying out a green card application, get a labor certification from the United States Department of State.

The above methods are the best you can employ to get a green card. However, if you do not fall within the categories, other amazing ways include utilizing your refugee status, investing in American businesses and so on. It is advised to seek the aid of companies that specialize in this.


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