USA Green card lottery free registration

Free Registration for the Diversity Lottery
Is there a cost to apply for Diversity USA green card Lottery?

Applications for the Green Card Lottery are supposed to be free. If a website is offering services for a fee, you might be concerned about this website.

USA Green Card Lottery free registration is available online only. The Green Card Lottery is also known as the Diversity Lottery. This is because of the under-representation of other nations in the United States.


When will I know about the winning of the lottery?


Winners of the free Green Card Lottery are notified only online. The free Green Card application can be found online, and notification of the DV Lottery can also be found online. There are many websites offering a fee for their assistance in applying for the green card. However, register for Green Card Lottery is supposed to be at no charge.


How do I get information about the green card lottery?


Information about Diversity Lottery can be found online. You simply need to do an internet search to find out more information about this DV Lottery. Going to your favorite search engine and inquiring about the DV Lottery will give you the information on the USA Green Card Lottery free registration.

usa green card lottery free registration

USA green card lottery free registration

When do I find out about the Diversity Lottery?


Winners of the Diversity Lottery are notified via the website where they applied for the immigration lottery. There are websites offering a fee for their services for you to apply for the green card. However, most of these sites are a scam. They will say winners will be notified by the United States government buy a letter in the mail. They will also say they will send you an email notifying you of your win to the lottery. However, the official rules are that you must apply online. You also must find out about your winning online at the same site where you applied.


I won the Diversity Lottery, now what?


Once notified of your winning, you can prepare yourself and your family for entry into the United States. You will have to wait approximately 6 months after finding out about your lottery winning. Winners are notified about May of the previous year for entry into the United States.


Will I be able to bring a spouse and my children?


Yes, if your spouse was listed on the application for the lottery you will be able to bring your spouse. However, if you did not list a spouse on the application and have a co-applicant, you will have to come by yourself and then sponsor your spouse. However, all children are allowed to come without being sponsored and without being on the application.


Is there a charge to add a spouse to my application?


The USA Green Card Lottery free registration includes a spouse. However, be suspicious of all websites asking for a fee to fill out this registration. Registration for the DV Lottery is absolutely no charge. Websites asking for a fee, might not give your information to the appropriate people. Then you paid the website and did not get into the Diversity Lottery as you thought you did.

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