Guides to Follow Through the American Green Card Process

Without detailed information, the process of getting a green card can turn out to be very stressful and confusing. This is because, without the help of a professional, the American green card process might take a longer period and leave you feeling overwhelmed. To avoid this, Greencardorganization is providing you with a guide on how to smoothly go through the American green card process. Contact us today to save yourself a stressful green card process.

Guides to follow through the American green card process include:

  1. Affirm your eligibility

Greencardorganization advises that when going through the American Green card process, you first affirm that you are eligible for a green card. To check your eligibility, you need to make sure you fall into one of the three categories. These categories are the green card lottery, the family-based category, and the employment-based category.

  1. Filing an immigrant petition

If you have confirmed that you are eligible for a green card, the next step on the American green card process is to file an immigrant petition. This immigrant petition needs to be filed by your relative in the U.S, your sponsor or an employer. In some special situations, you can file an immigrant petition by yourself. For any situation, Greencardorganization is available to help you file this petition.

  1. The immigrant petition approval

The next step in the American green card process is to wait for immigrant petition approval. You need this approval before you can proceed with the other steps involved in getting your permanent residency. If your immigrant petition is not approved, you cannot proceed.

  1. Choose what application process to follow

After the approval of your immigrant petition, you will be required to decide which of the application process you want to employ to get your green card. With the assistance of Greencardorganization, you can choose the best American green card process. For people already residing in the U.S, an adjustment of status is a better route to take. If you do not live in the U.S, you will have to file for a green card through consular processing. Any application submitted will be reviewed by the USCIC.

  1. USCIS interview

Lastly, you will be invited for an interview with the USCIS. After the interview, the USCIS will decide on whether to give you a green card or not.


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